Akiza izinski pictures

akiza izinski

akiza izinski pictures
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Akiza is a hard girl to please (Honey Select: Yugioh)

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Akiza Izinski (xBlackRoseBeautyAkizax)

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Aki "Akiza Izinski, Black Rose Witch, Queen of Queens, Daddy's little rose" Izayoi

Duel Links. A Signer bearing the Mark of the Crimson Dragon.

Akiza possesses an extremely strong special ability which sets her apart from the rest of humanity, and even the rest of the Signers. This psychic ability enables her to materialize and bring to life monsters and the effects of Duel Monsters cards, allowing her to freely control them similar to Yami Bakura and Jaden Yuki. Akiza is a teenager of average height, with fair skin, brown eyes, and dark burgundy hair. Her hair is mostly chin-length with the addition of elbow-length bangs that frame both sides of her face. She rolls her front bangs with a device similar to a hair curler on top of her head, which helps her restrain her powers, while a bit hangs down on each side. Her wardrobe appears to have Victorian influences, but also bears resemblance to uniforms that were worn by female military generals during the s.

This is a video game depiction of Akiza Izinski. In each game, the player can Tag Duel with her, in two different stories, one of which will feature her in her Duel Academy uniform. Akiza became feared due to her Psychic Dueling powers. As such, she left Duel Academy to seek salvation from her parents. However she became distraught after seeing them living peacefully without her. As the Black Rose, she met Sayer , the leader of the Arcadia Movement , whom she believed to be the first person to accept her for who she was.


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