Bossy from philly

Philly CEO: 'Bossy' girls grow up to run things, and that's good

bossy from philly
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Billy Penn caught up with Sayer Wednesday while browsing Sephora lipsticks, two lip stains already in hand.
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Meet the woman behind the lipstick stickers around Philly’s Fabric Row

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Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare

Social Media Today: New Look For Pages & Facebook COO Bans Bossy

Dennis and Dee quit their jobs to pursue their dreams, but when Mac reminds them that unemployment runs out eventually, Dennis and Dee get hooked on crack cocaine so they can apply for welfare. Meanwhile, Frank hires two new workers under the "Work for Welfare" program and Charlie and Mac go on a spending spree with the money in Frank's secret bank account. Frank has become increasingly bossy as the new owner of Paddy's Pub. So bossy, in fact, that Dennis and Dee decide to quit their bar tending jobs so they can pursue their life dreams. They find out that they can make more money while from Unemployment Benefits than they did at the bar, so they take some time off. Mac reminds them that unemployment only lasts for a short while, so Dennis and Dee apply for welfare. When the caseworker asks to see their blood work to prove that Dennis is addicted to crack, the siblings decide to buy crack so they can expedite their blood work.



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    #bossy hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

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