Ir x ray vision glasses

Could these be real glasses to see through clothin

ir x ray vision glasses
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KAYA IR X-Ray Vision Cameras. IR X-Ray Vision Cameras See Through Fog, Mist, Haze, Rain, IR X-Ray Vision Cameras See Through Dark Sunglasses.
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These Glasses can see through some type of materials making it possible to see through clothes that in the same condition cannot be seen by the naked eye. The theory behind it is simple. Under normal light, the visible and infrared lights can pass through some type of material covering an object and are reflected by the object's surface.
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Best Xray Vision Glasses and Cameras: See Through Clothes and Objects

Xray vision glasses and cameras have the ability to see through clothes and other objects. More Information Here! Do x-ray vision goggles really work?
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Weekly Project: Build Your Own X-Ray Vision Camera

You've seen them in the back of magazines--heck, probably Popular Science--all your life: the crazy swirling paper X-ray specs, with the campy '50s pervert looking at the bloomers of a shocked gal. While we don't support such nefarious uses, you can make your own working X-ray camera, just by modifying a CVS Disposable. It won't give you Superman vision, but you should be able to see through one or two layers of paper and fabric again, behave! Here's the catch: The key is in a hard-to-find X-ray conversion material called a beryllium window. PopSci got its sample from NASA during a visit to the Goddard Space Flight Center a few years ago, as it is sometimes used in satellites to block out cosmic X rays that might distort digital communications. The filter converts X rays into visible light by using an optical down conversion process to lower the energy of the photons. This will prevent your digital "film" from being overexposed by too many different wavelengths.

Infrared long pass filters can sometimes be used for a 'X-Ray Effect'.


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